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29.9.— 8.10.2022 Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-17, Sun 11-16

FOLDED - Teemu Määttänen

Jyväskylä University Museum brings light art to Tietoniekka exhibition space.

In Teemu Määttänen´s Folded installation, the paper sculpture acquires moving light patterns that sometimes obscure, sometimes reinforce the shapes of the surfaces. The surface of the sculpture in place begins to breathe and live as rhythmically changing light patterns slide on its surface. The work has been inspired by, among other things, protective camouflage of animals and the dazzling camouflage of World War II warships Razzle dazzle.

Light installation is part of The City of Light and Researchers´ Night -events.

“In my works, I explore the relationships between space, light, color, and movement and the associations that arise from their changes. I want to create works where this wonder and observation can be shared with others. ”

- Teemu Määttänen


The implementation of the work has been supported by the Art Promotion Center

Teemu Määttänen has made projection-based installations for galleries and light festivals, and has worked as a media designer, director and lighting designer in dance and theater productions since 2006.



Jyväskylä University Library Lähde
Seminaarinkatu 15

Mon-Fri 9-21
Sat 9-17
Sun 11-16



Event organizer
Jyväskylän yliopiston tiedemuseo
Jyväskylä University Library Lähde,
Tietoniekka -exhibition and event space, 1. floor