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Käsityöläisten joulutorin tunnelmaa vuodelta 2019.
12.12.2021 11.00–18.00

Artisans Christmas Market 2021

The Artisans Christmas Market returns in 2021!

The Artisans Christmas Market, which colours the Christmas season at the Craft Museum of Finland, makes it a little easier to find gifts again on Sat–Sun 11–12 December 2021. During the weekend, it is easy to find unique, Finnish handicraft gifts for yourself, your family or a friend.

The Artisans Christmas Market, has provided high-quality craftsmanship and encounters between the author and the user of the product for more than 20 years. 

The warm atmosphere in the market café offers a respite for a moment from the hustle and bustle and it’s a good place to stop and enjoy a bunch of hot drinks and scent the Christmas atmosphere. 

This year, the Artisan Christmas market has 17 artisans and designers selling their products. The jewellery manufacturers are again the largest sellers in number, but the utilization of recycled and surplus materials was also emphasized.

Welcome to a discovery trip to Finnish handicrafts at the Artisans Christmas market, where you will find products for wallets of all sizes. 

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Event address
Kauppakatu 25, Jyväskylä