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Vihreää väriä -näyttelyn kutsuilme. Värillisiä palloja ja kasveja.
11.9.–5.12.2021 Tue-Sun 11-18, Mon closed

Sustainable Colour

Are we ready to look at colour with fresh eyes, asks the Sustainable Colour exhibition in Jyväskylä. 

The colour splendour of textiles is day-to-day norm and the presentation of personality for us, but what lies behind the colours? Sustainable Colour exhibition dives into the secrets of textile dyeing. Dyeing with natural dyes, dyeing trends, future and sustainable development, as well as various dyeing techniques and their ecology are discussed in the exhibition. 

Natural wool yarns have been trendy for a while now, but dyeing of textiles is hardly going away. The traditions of textile dyeing date long back to human history and dyeing is one of the oldest crafts, but the needs and customs of dyeing have changed throughout the centuries. Dyeing has changed from a craft profession to an industry and, on the other hand, also a hobby.  
In the Sustainable Colour exhibition, the Craft Museum of Finland, the BioColour project led by the University of Helsinki, and the Finnish Dyer’s Guild celebrating its anniversary, dive into a colour tank and study the dyeing of textiles from different perspectives.

Basically, dyeing is simple: you need a dye, a mordant, and usually water.  The most common dyeing method is simple, because in boil dyeing, the dye is first extracted from the plant by boiling, the yarns are pre-mordanted, and the actual dyeing takes place by keeping the mordanted yarns in hot dyebath long enough. However, the reality is much richer and surprising than one might expect and the world of dyeing is like an adventure in the world of chemistry with the Mad Hatter. In the Sustainable Colour exhibition, you can travel from the traditional profession of dyeing and industrial dyeing to today’s plant dyeing hype and reach out to the future of dyeing with us. 

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  • Adults 8 €
  • Pensioners 6 €
  • Students 4 €
  • Children under 18 free

Free entry on Fridays!

We accept Museum Card. 

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Craft Museum of Finland
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