11.7.2020 12.0018.00

Open doors at visual artist Päivi Hintsanen's studio

The visual artist Päivi Hintsanen's studio is a treat for every art lover! At her studio you may view her art at the constantly changing studio exhibition. There's also a possibilitys to buy artworks (prints or framed prints) as well as postcards and small unique art products. The display window exhibition can be seen 24/7.


The studio is situated at Keskustie 21, at the old park-like pedestrian street in Jyväskylä between Kirkkopuisto (Church park) and Harju. If you'll arrive from the Kilpisenkatu, please, take a moment for yourself and just sit for a while next to this beautiful old fountain in the shadow of the big rowan - and if you'll arrive from Gummeruksenkatu, you can walk the path between the shadowing trees straight to my studio! If it's a good weather, there will be a resting chair also outside the studio.

You may also visit on other days by making an appointment: please email to paivi.hintsanen@coloria.net to agree on the date and time.

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Keskustie 21
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