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2.7.2022 14.00–20.00

Saunaday in Sauna Village

Welcome to experience sauna tradition to sauna village in Jämsä!

In Finland, sauna has been considered the source of energy and health for years. Since its invention, sauna has healed, has helped to relax, to refresh own body and mind. Sauna is also important part of social gathering. Sauna has always held lots of rituals and beliefs. Sauna day is the event that includes traditional rhymes, songs and rituals.

You can buy sauna products, food and drinks in event. The event is alcohol-free.

Price (30 €) includes

  • traditional sauna experience in smoke sauna and tent sauna
  • making of a birch whisk
Event price

Adults: 30 euros per person
Children: 10 euros per person
Groups (4 adults): 100 euros

You can buy the ticket by email and after that you will get instructions how to do the payment. Please buy your tickets due to 29th of June.

Event organizer
Perinnesaunottajat ry
Event address
Pataniemi 420, Jämsä
Sauna village is located in Jämsä's Juokslahti. Drive 12 kilometers from Jämsä to Jyväskylä. There is free parking space in Sauna village. You can also take a bus and leave the bus on Juokslahti E stop.