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Jyväskylä Adult Education centre has offered integration education for adult immigrants for some 25 years now. Integration Act ensures right to study Finnish and culture for every immigrant. Education is guided by national curriculum that emphasis that the persons having migrated to Finland can become active members of society.

Education is financed by the Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland.

Education includes

  • Finnish language and communication skills
  • Culture studies
  • Working life skills
  • Possibility to execute certificates required in work
  • Training periods
  • Optional studies
  • Personal guidance

The scope of the integration education studies are 45-60 credits. Studying takes 6 hours per day on 5 days a week.

To whom

For those unemployed immigants whose personnal ingration plan is ongoing and who wish to learn Finnish. 

How to apply

Please contact TE office of Central Finland