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26.1.2022 12.15–13.00

JYU.Wisdom Lunch Colloquium: Changing human-forest and human-peatland relations. Speaker: Esa Ruuskanen

JYU.Wisdom Lunch Colloquium meets every fortnight to discuss various cross-disciplinary sustainability issues.

Changing human-forest and human-peatland relations

In this colloquium Ruuskanen will look at the changing human-forest and human-peatland relations in the Finnish contexts from the eighteenth century onwards. Ruuskanen is particularly interested in the ways notions and beliefs behind these relations became institutionalized and affected major environmental transformations.

Dr, Docent Esa Ruuskanen (OULU) is an environmental historian whose research foci are on human-peatland relations and historical transformations.

You are welcome to join the event via the Zoom link!

JYU.Wisdom Lunch Colloquiums meet every fortnight to hear and discuss various sustainability and responsibility issues. Colloquiums are open for all who are interested in such themes as planetary well-being, circular economy, responsibility, and sustainability in the use of natural resources.

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