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19.3.2022 12.30–15.30

Meditative kicksleding on the springlike landscape of lake Päijänne

Kicksled in peace listening to the silent sounds of nature. Go crazy for the scent of early spring. Hear the sounds of your quiet breathing and your kicksleds rustle, rhythms guiding you to meditation. Also have the patience to stop and enjoy your juice.

You will bask in the shine of spring snowdrift, when you are kicksledding under bruces whith beard lichen and avoiding stones, or when you are kicksledding on the lake ice.

Like your ancestors, you travel responsibly with your muscle strength. As you proceed on the trip, you will enjoy your snacks.

Wonderful, you carry a chair with you, sit down and listen to the sounds of the forest, the squirrel’s crunch or for example, caterwauling of Päijänne’s ice.

Absorb the holiness of the forest!

Please take with you

  • your drinking bottle
  • your sunglasses
  • an extra warm jacket that you can put on when stopping
Event price

The price 48 €/person, including VAT. Small children who sit on the kicksled during the trip free of charge.

Event address
Piililäntie 71, Oravasaari