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Pieniä oppilaita lattialla makaamassa päät yhdessä

Jälkkäri – after-school activity for pupils

Jälkkäri, supervised after-school activity, is arranged in all schools with years 1 to 6. About 600 pupils attend Jälkkäri-activities in Jyväskylä. Jälkkäri is a pleasant combination of recreation and rest. A snack is also included in the programme. Jälkkäri aims to offer versatile and high quality activities as e.g. various hobby clubs. The presence of an adult ensures that it is safe to attend Jälkkäri after school. A small fee is collected for attending Jälkkäri. Additional information about Jälkkäri is available when enrolling in school.


More information: coordinator Mrs Tella Vuolle-Oranen, tel. +358 50 369 2771, tella.vuolle-oranen(at)